I used RCK for a Maxim’s Hottest 100 photoshop. I had to work quickly and it worked perfectly. It’s lucky a charm!

— Andre Sarmento, Celebrity Makeup Artist


“Women are smart. They know that their skin is one of their most valuable beauty assets.

— Joanna Schlip, Celebrity Makeup Artist


RCK rocks! It’s the best body glow out there! I’ve seen it for myself on my clients.

— Ken Paves, Celebrity Hair Stylist


The first time I wore RCK, I received more compliments than I had in 15 years — from men AND women. I was tempted not to tell anyone my secret.

— Lisa Song, San Francisco, CA


I put RCK on my arms yesterday afternoon. I played tennis that same night & showered when I got home. This morning while I was sitting at my computer, I noticed that the glow is still on my arms! I love that it lasts & doesn’t rub off on my clothes.

— Terri Silvergerg, Miami Beach,


RCK instantly gave me younger looking skin. It corrected my age spots, evened out my discoloration & got rid of my dull, winter looking skin. It’s real life photoshop in a bottle. It gives me the confidence to say “yes” to any dress I love for any occasion.

— Jenny Jackson, Chicago, IL

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I was in my very first beauty pageant for women 40 & over. I was super nervous about the bathing suit portion because I’d had a child. Not only did RCK make my skin look younger — my stretch marks disappeared! I had more confidence & got a standing ovation for workin’ it in my bikini.

— Elizabeth Hawkins, Tulsa OK


For years, I’ve been looking for something to cover up one area that no amount of working out could ever fix…and to think that the answer was in a bottle! It’s beyond fantastic!

— Shareece Johnson, Atlanta, GA


RCK  instantly gave me younger looking skin. My arms, legs, & chest have a gorgeous warm & healthy glow. I get tons of compliments! It’s like BB cream for your body…my makeup now does not stop at my chin!

— Laura Spelling, Boston, MA

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